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POP Inside Out - How Fetching Mail Through the Post Office ...
The Post Office Protocol (POP) used to retrieve mail from a remote server is a very simple protocol. It defines the basic functionality in a straight forward manner  ...
POP (Post Office Protocol) Basics in Email - About.com
The Post Office Protocol is what enables your email program to fetch new mail. Find out more about its purpose and its scope.
POP Definition - About Email
Definition: POP (Post Office Protocol) defines an email server and a way to retrieve mail from it. Incoming messages are stored at a POP server until the user logs ...
Details and Optional Commands of the Post Office Protocol (POP)
Find out how the NOOP, TOP and UIDL commands work, and what APOP authentication brings.
POP3 (Post Office Protocol v3) - Linux - About.com
Definition: POP3 (Post Office Protocol v3): This is the most popular protocol for picking up e-mail from a server. The e-mail client program will open a connection  ...
What IMAP Can Do for You - About Email
IMAP is short for "Internet Message Access Protocol", and internet message access ... have traditionally used the Post Office Protocol (POP) to talk to each other.
Handling POP Errors - Email - About.com
POP is the Post Office Protocol. This protocol with the most beautiful name of all Internet protocols is used to download new messages from your ISP to your ...
How to Access Free Windows Live Hotmail via POP
How to Access Free Windows Live Hotmail via POP in Any Email Program ... if it supports fetching mail — using the tried and true post office protocol (POP).
A URL Scheme for POP Mailboxes - Email - About.com
Until recently, however, no URL specification existed for them, in spite of the sheer age of the POP protocol (probably because of it). RFC 2384 attempts to cure ...
"APOP" Definition - About Email
Definition: APOP, acronym of "Authenticated Post Office Protocol" is an extension of the Post Office Protocol (POP) in which the password is sent in encrypted ...
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