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How to Improve Bad Grades and Change Study Habits
Are you feeling down about your grades? It is easy to get the blues when you receive low scores on a big test or a homework assignment, but you can't let poor  ...
Help Improve Your Child's Bad Grades - Tweens - About.com
Every parent wants their child to be successful at school and to thrive academically. But sometimes children come home with bad grades, and report cards that ...
Does It Matter if You Get Bad Grades? - Homework/Study Tips
Grades can matter very much when it comes to making your dreams come true. But sometimes bad things happen to good people. So what if your grades are ...
Seven Ways to Deal With a Bad Report Card - School-Age Children
Talk about the poor grades, but don't lose your temper. There's nothing wrong with letting your child know he hasn't met your expectations. He probably already  ...
School Grades - Talking to Your Children About Grades - Fatherhood
Whether your student has poor grades, or whether the grades are just less than you know she is capable of, the conversation about grades can be a tough one.
Bad Report Card Grades (Telling the Parents) - Homework/Study Tips
You just found out that you're getting a bad report card grade or flunking a course . Now how do you tell your parents? How can you avoid this in the future?
Should You Explain a Bad Grade When Applying to College? The ...
It's tempting to explain a bad grade on your high school transcript when you are applying to college. After all, there's usually a story behind every bad grade.
Should You Discuss a Low GPA in Your Graduate Admissions Essay?
For example, explaining poor grades for one semester by briefly mentioning a death in the family or serious illness is appropriate; however, an attempt to explain ...
Six Things That Won't Raise Your Child's Grades
For instance, a child may work very hard on an assignment and still receive a poor grade. This may especially happen to kids with learning disorders. If you don't ...
Appeal an Academic Dismissal - College Admissions - About.com
Whatever the reason for your bad grades, be honest with the appeals committee. Colleges believe in second chances -- it's why they allow you to appeal.
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