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Interpreting Statistics and Political Polls - About.com
One of the most common applications of statistics is in the area of political polling. Find out how statistics is used and what questions you should ask when you ...
Polls & Other Surveys on American Attitudes Towards Atheists
A 1999 Gallup poll conducted to determine Americans' willingness to tolerate a Jewish president (Joseph Lieberman was the Democratic candidate for Vice ...
Entrance and Exit Polls - Statistics - About.com
Two types of political polls that ask actual, rather than potential, voters questions are entrance and exit polls. These types of polls have some advantages over ...
Parts of the Horse Clickable Image - The Poll - Horses - About.com
Learn to identify the poll on the horse and learn about the underlying structures. Learn the points of the horse and anatomy with descriptions and pictures.
How to Read Election Poll Results - US Politics - About.com
Find out how to read election poll results. Learn the tricks of understand public opinion surveys. Discover the importance of methodology in determining the ...
Deconstructing a Political Poll - US Politics - About.com
Ever wondered at the validity of political polls and at their newworthiness? Then this series of tips is for you.
Pole and Poll - Commonly Confused Words
As a verb, pole means to move or push with the aid of a pole. The noun poll most often refers to the casting of votes in an election or a survey of public opinion.
2014 US Senate Poll Tracker and Projections - Conservative Politics
State by state polling data for the US 2014 Senate races and projections of control of the Senate based on those polls.
poll - Linux Command - Unix Command
Linux / Unix Command Library: poll. Learn about its synopsis, description, options, and examples.
Pollsters and Poll Data - US Politics - About.com
Polls are conducted for various media outlets. This section provides access to current poll results and historical polling data. In order to be included, a poll must  ...
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