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Sound and PowerPoint Animation Will Not Play at the Same Time
A sound problem in PowerPoint - the sound will not play at the same time as the animation. How do I fix this?
Play Sound and PowerPoint Animation at the Same Time
Feb 4, 2013 ... A case in point, is the method to set a sound to play at the same time as a PowerPoint animation. As you go through the steps, it seems obvious ...
Save Steps to Make Sound Play at Same Time as PowerPoint ...
Do ti right the first time and save steps when selecting a sound file to play at the same time as a PowerPoint animation. Page 3.
Problem When Trying to Play Sound with PowerPoint Animation
Here is the reason why there is a problem playing sound with PowerPoint animation. Page 2.
Play Sound or Music Over Specific Number of PowerPoint Slides
Select a specific number of slides for music to play in the background. Page 3.
How to Play a Sound on Click or Rollover - Web Design - About.com
One of the features of computer applications is that there is feedback when you do something. The most common type of feedback is sound. The computer clicks  ...
Play Music or Sound Over Several PowerPoint Slides
Use the Effects tab on the Play Sound dialog box to set the music to play over several PowerPoint slides.
Sound Will Not Play in PowerPoint - PowerPoint Quick Fixes
PowerPoint Quick Fix #2 - Sound Won't Play on a Different Computer. This is a frequent problem that plagues presenters. You create a presentation at home or ...
PowerPoint Presentation - Music or Sound Problems
The music or sound does not play when I email my PowerPoint presentation. Why does the music or sound not play in a PowerPoint presentation?
Edit Music, Sound or Other Audio Settings in PowerPoint 2010
Recently, a reader was having problems playing music across several slides. He also wanted to add a narration to play over the music, leaving the music as just ...
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