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Glow Effects with CSS3 - Web Design - About.com
CSS3 box shadows give you the ability to create outer glow effects that used to have to be done with ... Add the border-radius style property to your glow class.
How to Measure and Sew Borders to a Quilt - Quilting - About.com
Never measure a quilt's outer edges to determine border length, because adding borders of varying lengths will make the differences even more obvious.
The Borders Tab 4 - How To Create Civil 3D Surface Styles
On the Borders Tab you determine whether or not the outer border of your surface is displayed and in what manner. The Border Display Mode lets you draw the ...
Use Excel Shortcut Keys to Add Borders - Spreadsheets - About.com
This Excel shortcut keys tutorial shows you how to quickly add a border to selected cells in Excel using a keyboard shortcut.
CSS Outline Styles - Web Design - About.com
This is not true of a border. A border on an element is added to the outside width and height of the element. So if you had an image that was 50 pixels wide, with ...
Applying a Border to Part of Your Document - Word Processing
You can spice up your document or draw attention to a specific portion of it by using a border. Borders are easy to apply, and Word provides you a number of ...
Changing the Border Space in Tables - Default Ta - Web Design
The CSS2 border-spacing property is not used a lot by designers, but it can ... the borders are collapsed to one line between the columns, rows, and outer edge.
Inserting and Formatting Text Boxes in Microsoft Word
Once you've inserted your text box in your document, you can start formatting it. You can change the border style and color to suit your needs.
Change Border Styles with Dreamweaver - Web Design - About.com
Dreamweaver comes with a very easy to use style sheet editor. The trickiest part is finding how to add your styles. Page 10.
Specifying a Border for Your Entire Word Document - Word Processing
Used wisely, a border can add a nice, refined effect to your documents. Fortunately, it is easy to specify a pre-defined border or a custom border for your  ...
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