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New Year's Holidays in Japan - Japanese Language - About.com
In Japan "shogatsu (New Year's holidays)" is a time when everybody takes a few days off to celebrate the arrival of the new year. It is often called "oshogatsu" ...
Shogatsu - Japanese New Year - Japanese Language - About.com
Shogatsu are considered the most important holidays for the Japanese.
A Brief Guide to New Year Preparations in Japan - Japan Travel
Shiwasu is a Japanese word for December which literally means "teachers run around." This word reflects the busiest month of the year. How do the Japanese ...
New Year Celebration in Japan - Shogatsu - Japan Travel - About.com
How is New Year celebrated in Japan? Japanese New Year celebration is called shogatsu. New Year's Day on January 1 is called gantan and is a Japanese ...
Osechi-Ryori - Japanese New Year's Food
Japanese New Year's food is called osechi-ryori, and colorful dishes are packed in layers of lacquer boxes, called jubako. The kinds of osechi dishes prepared ...
Happy New Year in Japanese - Japanese Language - About.com
Greeting with appropriate words is important for socializing. Here are some useful expressions for special occasions. Click the link to hear the pronunciation.
Japanese Culture in Los Angeles - About.com
... Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple and Koyasan Buddhist Temple. It also hosts festivals: Obon and Nissei Week in the summer, and Oshogatsu in the winter.
Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens - Share Your Story ...
Recommended public gardens to visit. The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Fort Lauderdale, FL is a wonderful garden to stroll through.
Butano Kakuni - Japanese Food - About.com
Heat a little oil in a large skillet and fry the pork on medium heat for a few minutes to reduce some fat. Remove the pork from the skillet and put on paper towels.

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