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Optional Method Parameters with Hashes - Ruby - About.com
Using hashes to simulate optional named parameters in methods.
OptionParser--Parsing Command-line Options the Ruby Way
For example, it will know the --file [FILE] option is optional, and takes a single argument. Also, it will know that --[-no]-verbose is really two options, and will accept ...
Optional Function Arguments - JavaScript - About.com
Javascript provides optional parameters for functions in its own unique way.
Keyword Arguments - Ruby - About.com
It will spit out a URL for an action/controller pair, but also takes a whole host of optional arguments that you won't need 99% of the time. If you've ever spent any  ...
Use OptionParser to Parse Commands in Ruby - About.com
A simple switch is an argument with no optional forms or no parameters. The effect will be to simply set a flag in the options hash. No other parameters will be  ...
JavaScript Functions - Optional Parameters - About.com
JavaScript has its own unique way of handling where you want parameters to your function to be optional.
sh - Linux Command - Unix Command
An interactive shell is one started without non-option arguments and without the - c option whose standard input and output are both connected to terminals (as ...
How to pass arguments to a Bash-script - Linux - About.com
Oct 20, 2011 ... You can write a bash script such that it receives arguments specified when ... flags method you can also make some of the arguments optional.
Command-line Options--Long Form and Short ... - Ruby - About.com
There are two forms of command-line options: long form and short form. Both long and short form options take arguments, each a little differently.
Command-line Arguments in Ruby - About.com
Use command-line arguments to pass parameters to your Ruby scripts from the command line.
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