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How to Become an Olympic Track & Field Athlete
The U.S. Olympic track and field team is selected at four Olympic Trials. The men's 50-kilometer race walking team is selected at one trial while the men's and  ...
2012 Olympic Swimming & USA Swim Team Trials Qualifying
The 2012 Olympic Swimming Trials will be at CenturyLink Center Center, June 25 - July 2, 2012. How fast do you have to swim to qualify for the 2012 USA ...
Who Will Compete at the 2012 Olympic Diving Trials - About.com
What divers have qualified to compete at the 2012 Olympic Team Trials - Diving, in springboard competition, to be held from June 17-24, 2012 in Federal Way, ...
How to Become An Olympic Swimmer - Swimming - About.com
To make the USA Olympic Swimming Team, a swimmer must finish first or second at the USA Swimming Olympic Trials Swim Meet and they must be a US ...
2012 Olympic Gymnastics Team Selection Procedures
All five on each team, along with up to three alternates for each team, will be named by the end of the 2012 Olympic Trials, held June 28-July 1 in San Jose, ...
Your Road to the Olympic Archery Team - Olympics - About.com
The final American roster is determined through the US Olympic Trials, a series of three selection shoots. The names are decided after the third selection shoot, ...
Requirements to Make the Olympic Gymnastics Team
The committee weighed the performance of each gymnast at nationals and Olympic Trials, his/her strengths on each apparatus, and his/her past experience.
How To Make the Olympic Diving Team - About.com
All divers that are chosen for the Olympic team must be qualified to compete in the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Diving, or the 2008 Olympic Team Selection  ...
Your Road to the Olympic Field Hockey Team - Olympics - About.com
Unlike swimming, track and field, boxing, wrestling and other individual sports, in which clear qualifiers can be determined in Olympic Trials, the selection of an ...
Results from the 2012 Olympic Diving Trials - Olympic ... - About.com
Results and recaps from the 2012 Olympic Team Trials - Diving, held in Federal Way, Wash.
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