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10 Tips to Help Older Adults and Seniors Move - Moving - About.com
Find out how to help older adults move. Includes tips on sorting, packing and helping them adjust to a new space.
10 Great Free Activities for Older Adults - Senior Dating - About.com
Many communities offer dozens of free activities for older adults on a budget - you just need to know where to look. This list of 10 free activities for older adults ...
4 Best Exercises for Older Adults - Senior Dating - About.com
Exercise improves health and increases longevitiy. To get started, here are the 4 best exercises for older adults.
Vigorous Cardio Exercise Activities for Older Adults - Senior Dating
Senior Exercise Series: These vigorous cardio exercises are good for older adults who have some experience with cardio exercise.
Age Gracefully - Benefits of Exercise for Older Adults - Senior Dating
Older adults hurt their health far more by not exercising than by exercising. An inactive lifestyle can cause older adults to lose ground in four areas that are ...
USDA Food Pyramid Updated for Older Adults - Senior Dating
This food pyramid, based on the USDA MyPyramid, addresses the special diet and exercise needs of older adults.
Dancing Tips - Dancing Tips for Older Adults
These dancing tips for older adults will help you get in shape for dancing; dancing tips to prepare for dancing.
Moderate Endurance and Cardio Exercise Activities for Older Adults
Here are some examples of moderate endurance activities for the average older adult: Walking briskly on a level surface. Swimming. Gardening, mowing, or ...
Gardening Tips - Gardening Tips for Older Adults - Senior Dating
These gardening tips for older adults make gardening easier on aging hands, shoulders and backs. Also find gardening tips to save time and energy.
Why Stretching Is Great for Older Adults - Senior Dating - About.com
Learn the benefits of stretching for older adults, plus quick tips for stretching exercises from fitness expert Margaret Richard.
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