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Articles related to object oriented methodology

Data Encapsulation: Object-Oriented Programming Basics
In object-oriented programming data encapsulation is concerned with: ... the state (the private fields) and the behaviors (the public methods) of an object.
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming - Java - About.com
Understanding object-oriented programming is fundamental to becoming a truly great Java programmer ... In Java, behaviors of an object are written in methods.
Review: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Visual ...
The first part of the book delves into object-oriented programming methodology and design concepts. The author uses UML and a free modeling tool to help ...
A Beginner's Guide to Ruby Programming Language - About.com
Ruby is unique among object-oriented scripting languages. ... Also, if you're not a fan of the object-oriented methodology then Ruby isn't for you. Though Ruby ...
Java Syntax: What Is Inheritance? What Is a Superclass? - About.com
An important concept in object-oriented programming is inheritance. It provides a way for objects to define relationships with each other.
Aggregation in Java: Definition and Examples - About.com
Aggregation is a relationship between two objects that is best described as a. ... Object-Oriented Programming: Learn how to employ the key concepts of ...
Learning Object Oriented Programming With Delphi - About.com
Learning Object Oriented Programming with Delphi ... C# Tutorial - Object Oriented Approach to Programming · Object Oriented Programming · A Beginner's ...
perlbot - Linux Command - Unix Command
The reader is encouraged to consult relevant textbooks for discussion of Object Oriented definitions and methodology. This is not intended as a tutorial for ...
JavaScript By Example - Object Oriented: Parasitic Inheritance
With this methodology you create an object by using a function that copies another object, augments it with the additional properties and methods you want the ...
Encapsulation - Definition and Examples in C+
Definition: In Object Oriented Programming, encapsulation is an attribute of object design. It means that all of the object's data is contained and hidden in the  ...
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