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Articles related to negative language

Negative Language - Negative Terminology About Deafness
When reporters write articles about deafness, there are certain words and phrases that should be avoided.
Italian Negative Words - Neanche - Nemmeno - Neppure
Italian negative words and Italian language lessons with instruction in grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and vocabulary.
Using Negation: "No" and Related Words in Spanish
Changing a Spanish sentence to a negative can be as easy as placing no before the main verb. But Spanish is different than English in that Spanish can require ...
Italian Negative Expressions - Italian Language - About.com
Italian negative expressions and Italian language lessons with instruction in grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and vocabulary.
Italian Workbook Exercises - Italian Negative Words - Italian Language
Italian Workbook Exercises Worksheets, drills, activities, and review. Italian Negative Words Learn More About This Topic Printer–Friendly Version. Questions | ...
French Negative Adverbs - Adverbes négatifs - French Language
Making sentences negative in French is a bit different than in English, due to the two-part negative adverb and the sometimes difficult issue of placement.
Italian Double Negatives - Italian Language - About.com
In Italian, though, the double negative is the acceptable format, and even three negative words can be used in a sentence: Non viene nessuno. (No one is ...
Negative Structures in English - English as 2nd Language - About.com
Guide to negative structures in English for English language learners including numerous examples and comparable forms such as not anywhere or nowhere.
French Negative Pronouns - Pronoms négatifs - French Language
French negative pronouns, sometimes called indefinite negative pronouns, are made up of two parts which surround the verb. Negative pronouns (ne personne,  ...
semi-negative - definition and examples of semi-negative words and ...
A word (such as "seldom") or an expression (such as "hardly ever") that isn't strictly negative but is almost negative in meaning.
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