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non-breaking space - Web Design/HTML - About.com
Use the HTML code:   or the numerical code   . Also Known As: Some people refer to a non-breaking space as an “nbsp” in reference to the HTML ...
How do I indent the first line in my paragraphs? - Web Design/HTML
<p> & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Paragraph starts here.... </p>. Remove the spaces between the ampersand and the "nbsp;". Some browsers don't like ...
Using the Tab Character in Web Pages
So if you wanted to move your word five spaces over, you would type &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; and then your word. Note that some really old browsers ...
<HTML><HEAD><script src="bl_quizhead.js" language="javascript ...
<br />&nbsp;<br /> </blockquote></td></tr></table></noscript> <!-- About Linkbox Template Version 2.0--> <!-- Please replace any sample text in brackets [] with ...
Creating Line Breaks & Paragraphs With the P & BR Tags
... lines and long lines and choppy text. Solution: Use style sheets to define the width of your pages. Using <p>&nbsp;</p> to add more space between elements.
Creating a Combo Box - JavaScript - About.com
&nbsp;&nbsp;<select name="s" size="1" onchange="document.ex.state.value = document.ex.s.options[document.ex.s.selectedIndex] continued from previous ...
Spacing Your HTML - Non-Breaking Space - Single Pixel GIFs
If you're used to writing in a word processor, HTML appears to be arbitrary with white space. You can't indent text with straight HTML and table cells won't stay ...
Creating Whitespace With P and BR Tags - Web Design/HTML
There are many ways to create whitespace on Web pages, and the P and BR tags create effective spaces between text blocks.
Homonyms - German homonyms - German Language - About.com
der Band - volume (book) &nbsp die Bände das Erbe - ... das Steuer - steering wheel &nbsp die Steuer ... das Verdienst - merit; service &nbsp die Verdienste
Sports Vocabulary - German Sports Vocabulary - German Language
American football &nbsp &nbsp der amerikanische Football archery &nbsp &nbsp das Bogenschießen ballooning &nbsp &nbsp das (Luft-)Ballonfahren
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