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Articles related to nasubi

Hatsuyume - Japanese Language - About.com
There is an old saying, "Ichi-fuji, ni-taka, san-nasubi." It indicates the three best things to have in your first dream. If you dream of Mt. Fuji, a hawk or an eggplant,  ...
Fujisan - Fujisan in Japanese hiragana and kanji
There is an old saying that goes, "Ichi-fuji, ni-taka, san-nasubi." It refers to the three best things to have appear in your first dream of the year. Click this link to ...
New Year's Holidays in Japan - Japanese Language - About.com
It is said that good dreams are "Ichi-fuji, ni-taka, san-nasubi (Mt. Fuji at the first, hawk at the second, eggplant at the third)." It is believed that if you have these ...

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