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Myth: Atheists Have No Reason to Be Moral
Myth: Without God, atheists have no reason to behavior morally. What's the point of being moral is there is no God? Response: The idea that atheists have no ...
Hobbes, Thomas: Moral and Political Philosophy [Internet ...
What is certain, and more important from the point of view of his moral and political thought, is that he tries extremely hard to avoid any metaphysical categories ...
Common Arguments Against Gay Marriage - Agnosticism / Atheism
Common Arguments Against Gay Marriage: Moral and Religious Arguments ... A common question in the debate over gay marriage is: what the point is for gays ...
Pros & Cons of Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Liberal Politics
Many pro-lifers believe that the proper moral and religious course of action is to ... They also point out that no cures have yet been produced by embryonic stem ...
Ethics and Morality - An Atheist vs. Theist View - Agnosticism / Atheism
An important feature of morality is that it serves as a guide for people's actions. Because of this, it is necessary to point out that moral judgments are made about  ...
Ethics and Morality: Who Cares? - Agnosticism / Atheism - About.com
Ethics FAQ: Who Cares? Is there really any point to learning about the differences between normative and analytic ethics? Does it matter if you can tell the ...
Adolf Hitler on Tradition: Quotes on Moral Values
The first prerequisite for even the moral right to combat these things is the ... The consequences, particularly from a moral point of view, are not favorable.
Myth: Atheism is Incompatible with Free Will and Moral Choice
The point of this argument is to prove that atheism is incompatible with free will and moral choices — and, by implication, morality itself. This argument is founded ...
Ethics and Morality of Abortion as Contraception
The legality of abortion is debated more than the morality of abortion, so fundamental ethical ... Anti-choice activists rely heavily upon this and they have a point.
Myth: Only Objective Moral Standards Allow for Moral Behavior
Jan 6, 2014 ... If God does not exist, is there any basis for ever being moral? ... More to the point, religious people make moral judgment calls every day on ...
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