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Refinements: Monkeypatching Made Safe - Ruby - About.com
This article is about a new feature in Ruby 2.0. To read more about Ruby 2.0, go to the main article on Ruby 2.0 new features. Feel free to patch monkeys to your ...
Refinements: The End of Monkey Patching - Ruby - About.com
Dec 8, 2010 ... A refinement is, simply put, the monkey patch as a formal language feature that you can turn on or off at will. When you want to use the monkey ...
object specific behavior, or "monkeypatching," - Ruby - About.com
One big use for these is the monkeypatch. A monkeypatch changes the fundamental behavior of an object to add functionality or often to fix a bug. Doing this is ...
Patch Tuesday March 2013: 7 Updates Correcting 20 Issues
Mar 12, 2013 ... Details on the updates included in the Patch Tuesday March 2013 ... of my browsers will connect online (sea monkey -firefox derivitive & IE, left ...
What is the Difference Between alias and #alias_method?
The most common use is a monkey patch. You can use alias to "rename" a method to a temporary name, then define a new method under the same name.
How to Patch an Inner Tube of a Flat Bike Tire - Bicycling - About.com
Patching a tube that has a hole in it should allow you to keep riding if you get a flat and aren't carrying a spare. Also, this means you can reuse the tube instead ...
Profile of the Yunnan (Snub-Nosed) Golden Monkey - China Travel
A profile of endangered the Yunnan (Snub-Nosed) Golden Monkey. ... well- trodden paths through what looked like someone's corn patch higher into the hills .
Ruby Best Practices--Making Quick Exceptions - About.com
There is an HTTPClient::Error class and a Monkey::Error class. This means you can either try to catch StandardExceptions (which will catch everything), a class ...
What happens Inside of Your Body When You Quit?
Nov 13, 2003 ... I've quit drugs weed included. This is the monkey on my back… .... And now I feel a rough patch inside of my right cheek. And my jaw and right ...
ObjectSpace - Ruby - About.com
This can be particularly useful if you must monkeypatch something into specific objects, but don't necessarily know which objects they are. None of these ...
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