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Refinements: The End of Monkey Patching - Ruby - About.com
A refinement is, simply put, the monkey patch as a formal language feature that you can turn on or off at will. When you want to use the monkey patch, you can ...
Refinements: Monkeypatching Made Safe - Ruby - About.com
This article is about a new feature in Ruby 2.0. To read more about Ruby 2.0, go to the main article on Ruby 2.0 new features. Feel free to patch monkeys to your ...
object specific behavior, or "monkeypatching," - Ruby - About.com
One big use for these is the monkeypatch. A monkeypatch changes the fundamental behavior of an object to add functionality or often to fix a bug. Doing this is ...
How to Patch an Inner Tube of a Flat Bike Tire - Bicycling - About.com
If you are cost-conscious, patching your tubes and using them again may be an option to try and save some bucks, but be forewarned: a patched tube will never ...
What is the Difference Between alias and #alias_method?
The most common use is a monkey patch. You can use alias to "rename" a method to a temporary name, then define a new method under the same name.
Ruby Best Practices--Making Quick Exceptions - About.com
There is an HTTPClient::Error class and a Monkey::Error class. This means you can either try to catch StandardExceptions (which will catch everything), a class ...
Miniature Monkey Wrench Quilt Pattern - Quilting - About.com
Monkey Wrench, Double Monkey Wrench and Churn Dash are very similar quilt blocks. The difference... the proportion of patches (in relation to each other) is ...
Software Patch - Update Patch - PHP Patch - PHP/MySQL - About.com
A patch is a download that updates your software to fix bugs, add security, ... Software Development Stages · About Ubuntu · Refinements: The End of Monkey  ...
Free Quilt Patterns for Beginning to Experienced Quilters - Quilting
Easy Double Four Patch Scrap Qui... Easy Double ... Monkey Wrench Quilt Pattern: Bab. ... Easy Nine Patch Through the Windows Quilt Pattern - Janet Wickell.
Easy Monkey Wrench Baby Quilt Pattern - Quilting - About.com
Try this easy Monkey Wrench baby quilt pattern the next time you need a quilt ... and can be used to cut other patches; straight grain runs with the longest edge) ...
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