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ActionScripting Basics: Expert Mode and Normal Mode - Animation
Your Flash Actions pane has two modes in which you can work your scripts: Normal Mode, and Expert Mode. Normal Mode, as the name so obviously implies , ...
Flash Tip: Switching Color Modes Between RGB and HSB - Animation
Most don't even know the difference between RGB and HSB, let alone that you have an option to switch between the color palettes in Flash.
How to Use Program Mode on DSLR Cameras
Flash. Unlike Auto mode, where the camera decides if flash is needed, Program mode allows you to override the camera, and choose whether to add pop-up ...
How to Use the Photon Flash Player on the iPad - About.com
... simple as turning it on and off. We'll look at the different modes of the Flash browser to determine when it is best to be in a specific mode for playing back Flash.
Flash Tip: Onion-Skinning Animation - About.com
Flash has a solution for this dilemma--known as onion-skinning, an option ... can expand or reduce the number of frames displayed in onion-skin mode, to let ...
Camera Flash Exposure Compensation Tips - Digital Cameras
With some DSLR cameras, flash exposure compensation cannot be set when the camera is in automatic mode. You're going to need to be in Program or Manual ...
Using DSLR Flash Tips - Digital Cameras - About.com
You'll have quite a few options for the flash mode when using a DSLR camera. For example, you can choose "auto" to have the camera automatically choose ...
Understanding the Flash on Your Digital Camera
If you always keep your camera in this mode, don't worry about front-lit subjects; the flash won't really affect the picture. It's best to keep the flash on whenever ...
Flash Tip: View Outlines - Animation - About.com
Set your scene to only display the outlines of objects rather than full detail, to make it easier to work without lag time for screen rendering while dragging objects.
Review: Photon Flash Player/Browser for iPad - About.com
In fact, if you browse a website with Flash in this mode, you'll get the same warnings as you would in any iPad browser. To enter Flash mode, you tap the ...
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