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Kore minna rifuto matteru no? - Japanese Language - About.com
Notes. Since "rifuto (リフト)" is from the English word "lift," it is written in katakana. "Matteru no (待ってるの)" is a colloquial way of saying "Matteiru no desu ka ...
Nostalgia by Minna - Submit an Entry: Moods Painting Project
Take a look at a painting depicting nostalgia, from the photo gallery for the Moods Painting Project.
Minna's Morandi - Painting - About.com
Submit an Entry: Painting Project: In the Style of Giorgio Morandi. By Minna. Minna's Morandi. In the Style of Morandi. Top Related Searches; giorgio morandi  ...
Blue Abstract by Minna - Painting - About.com
Artist's Statement. I started out with a photo of a puddle of water with a thin layer of ice on top as well as green and yellow oak leaves. The initial idea was to paint  ...
Still Life with Blue Vase and Clementines by Minna - Submit an ...
A composition dominated by a striking vase; from the photo gallery for the painting project to paint a still life with two objects of contrasting lengths.
Autumn Meets Winter by Minna - Painting - About.com
A painting conveying the sense of autumn ending and winter starting, in the Seasons Painting Project Gallery.
The Sun and the Stone by Minna - Painting - About.com
Take a look at the painting by Minna called. ... Submit an Entry: Impressionist Sun Painting Project. By Minna. The Sun and the Stone by Minna. The Sun and the ...
Hurrying By from Minna - Painting - About.com
Artist's Statement. Here is my attempt at painting in the style of LS Lowry. I used titanium white, yellow ochre, vermilion hue, Prussian blue and ivory black and ...
Leaf Girl by Minna - Submit an Entry: Mixed Media Painting Project
Take a look at a painting created with watercolor and oil pastel, submitted to the photo gallery for the mixed media painting project.
Summer in the Archipelago by Minna - Painting - About.com
Artist's Statement. For this painting I used a photograph that I had originally planned to paint in a bigger format. It portrays a sunny day in the archipelago, the  ...
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