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Articles related to military snipers

Army Sniper School - US Military - About.com
The average number of rounds expended by U.S. military snipers to kill one enemy soldier was 1.3 rounds. That's a cost-difference of $23,000 per kill for the ...
National Guard Snipers - US Military - About.com
The National Guard Sniper School, established in 1993 at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, has come of age in one important way. The U.S. Army accredited it last  ...
Scout Sniper Training in the Marine Corps - US Military - About.com
Due to the nature of the sniper's mission, they must be trained mentally and physically ... Sniper School trains, not only Marines, but members of the other military ...
Air Force Countersnipers - Eyeing the Sights - US Military - About.com
More than two-dozen Guard and active duty security forces airmen have graduated from the Air Force Countersniper School at Camp Joseph T. Robinson in ...
Army Intel Snipers - US Military - About.com
FORT DRUM, N.Y. -- The 42nd Infantry Division has deployed to Iraq with what leaders term a powerful, yet subtle, combat-multiplier — the sniper-trained ...
The M110 Sniper Rifle -- Weapon of Choice - US Military - About.com
With its upgrades and enhancements, the M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System aims to fulfill all of the U.S. Army's future sniper needs. From Bolt Action to Semi-  ...
Marines on the Hunt for Snipers - US Military - About.com
Following the screening, they attend a four-week local snipers basic course, ... They also must be an expert shooter from the infantry Military Occupational ...
D.C. Sniper Suspect's Military Background
Oct 25, 2002 ... Department of Defense releases the military service history of D.C. sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad, aka John Allen Williams.
Military Sniper Rifles for Civilians - Weapons - About.com
Learn about some of the top military sniper rifles that civilians can legally own.
The M-40A3, Marine Corps Sniper Rifle Information - US Military
Marine snipers have found a new best friend. The Marine Corps has upgraded the old sniper rifle, the M-40A1, replacing it with a new and improved rifle.
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