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How Can I Adjust My Sleep Schedule to Work Night Shifts
Mar 4, 2013 ... Whether it is working in a hospital setting, as a night manager at a hotel, in a 24- hour convenience store, or at a late-night diner, there are ...
Effects of Night Shift on Sleep - Healthy Aging - About.com
May 16, 2014 ... Working the night shift can wreak havoc on your sleep. This leads to an increased risk of insomnia and other sleep disorders. Night shift work ...
The Night Shift: How to count calories? I don't even know what "meal ...
I work 12 hour night shifts in a fairly active job as a nurse at the local hospital. I've been having a hard time figuring out the best way to log my ...
If you work night shift... - Calorie Count
Do you work the night shift. I work 11-7 at a Boston area hospital. I have gained 10 lbs. in the past year and a half. Switching to the day shift is ...
working the graveyard shift - Calorie Count
I started working from 12am-8am. Any suggestions on a good schedule? eating and sleeping? When to eat and work out? Sleep right after ...
night shift - Calorie Count
I am a nurse and work at night. I had a baby about a year ago and can't seem to reach my pre pregnancy weight let alone loss weight.
Night Shift and Counting Calories - Calorie Count
Just wondered if there are any others of you who are in my situation with the night shift and how you are handling it, since a lot of diets do not ...
Web Design is All Hours - Working the Night Shift as a Web Designer
Working as a Web designer, especially for a business (small or large) often means that you need to be available at all hours to do work. When you have a job  ...
Husband works night shift - Calorie Count
My husband just got a job with a shifting evening/night schedule, about 5-6 days a week. I've been so used to him having the same schedule as ...
Night Shift support group - Calorie Count
I don't work night shift on regular basis. I work rotating shifts--a week each of days , evenings and nights with days off in between the shifts.
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