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Dynamic Method Calls - Ruby - About.com
If you're a C#, C++ or Java programmer, you've probably gotten used to some kind of early binding for method calls. All of those languages have some sort of ...
Method Visibility - Ruby - About.com
Method visibility is crucial to implement proper encapsulation. ... In order to make any method private, simply call the Module#private method from within a ...
Definition for the Term: Implicit Parameter - Java - About.com
In a method call the implicit parameter is the object the method belongs to.
What's New in Ruby 1.9.1? -The Lambda Operator - About.com
10 ) # Declare a method that takes a callable argument def call_a_lambda( x, y, ... l.call( x, y ) end # Declare a lamba in the method invocation call_a_lambda( ...
Understanding Delphi Class Methods - About.com
In Delphi, a method is a procedure or function that performs an operation on an ... The above line calls the "ShowYourself" class method of the TAboutBox class.
Bindings - Ruby - About.com
Even though the x variable in func is a local variable, and should disappear as soon as the method is finished, keeping a copy of the method invocation's binding ...
How to execute a method (procedure/function) by name - Delphi
Here's a simple trick to execute a Delphi object's method by name: ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ type TForm1 = class(TForm) Button1: TButton; procedure ...
Wildcard - Java - About.com
Note: A wildcard cannot be used as a type for a generic method invocation, the creation of a ... You could define the method with an upper bounded wildcard:
Ruby Annoyances: Variables Don't Have Type - About.com
You have to meticulously plan out what type all of your variables are, the call ... whether that object was the type of object the method was expecting or not!
J2EE Test 484 Practice Test - Tech Certification - About.com
stateless session bean credit card verification method invocation stateful session entity bean: Cisco CCNA Practice Test.
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