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Matsumoto Castle - Japan - Asian History - About.com
Matsumoto Castle, originally called Fukashi Castle, is unusual among Japanese fortresses in that it is built on flat land beside a swamp, rather than being on a ...
Interview: Taiyo Matsumoto - About Manga
Read an interview with Japanese manga creator Taiyo Matsumoto, the artist and author of No. 5, Go Go Monster and Tekkon Kinkreet by Christopher Butcher.
Matsumoto Castle - Japan - Asian History - About.com
Photo of roof detail from Matsumoto Castle, also called Fukashi Castle, in a gallery of Japanese Castles from the 14th century onward.
The Simpsonzu by Nina Matsumoto - Manga Simpsons illustration ...
The drawing that started it all! This illustration of the cast of The Simpsons got favorited, blogged about and talked about so much, it earned Matsumoto the ...
Attractions in Matsumoto City near Nagano, Japan
Located in Nagano prefecture, where the 1998 Winter Olympics were held, Matsumoto City is about a half-hour drive downhill from Myojinkan and contains ...
Self-portrait by Nina Matsumoto - Manga - About.com
After getting lots of attention for her manga-style illustration of The Simpsons, Matsumoto again pays tribute to Matt Groening's TV family with this Simpsons- style ...
Toyo Ito's Architecture, Matsumoto Performing Arts Center
Pritzker Laureate Toyo Ito designed Matsumoto Performing Arts Center for theatre, opera, and Japanese elegance. Explore Ito's architectural career.
Yokaiden by Nina Matsumoto - Manga - About.com
Kyuumon illustration by Nina Matsumoto, from Yokaiden published by Del Rey Manga.
Yokaiden by Nina Matsumoto - Hamachi and family from ... - Manga
Hamachi and family by Nina Matsumoto, from Yokaiden published by Del Rey Manga.
Yokaiden by Nina Matsumoto - Manga - About.com
Hamachi, Lumi and Madkap illustration by Nina Matsumoto, from Yokaiden published by Del Rey Manga.
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