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What is Manure Tea? Making and Using Manure Tea in Your Garden
Manure tea is one of the most valuable concoctions to make for your garden. Here's an explanation of manure tea, and how to make it.
Manure - Adding Manure as Organic Matter, to Amend Garden Soil
Manure, or decomposing animal waste, doesn't sound like it would be something you'd want to throw on your garden soil, but yes you would. Manure is one of ...
Use Manure in the Flower Garden - Flowers - About.com
Use composted livestock manure safely in the flower garden to fertilize plants with a natural source of nitrogen.
How to Make Your Own Compost - A Guide
Any kitchen waste that is not greasy or meat can be composted. Manure (NOT dog and cat waste, only barnyard animals), grass clippings, leaves, and weeds ...
Is Manure Safe to Use in Your Vegetable Garden? - Gardening
Manure has been a popular garden fertilizer for years, but with E. coli scares pointing toward contaminated produce, is it still safe to use manure in the vegetable ...
Green Manure - What is It and What Does It Do for My Garden Soil?
Green Manure Green manures are basically cover crops that are grown with the intention of turning them back into the soil. Obviously this would be more useful ...
Natural Fertilizers for Your Garden - Organic Gardening - About.com
Gentle, soil-building nutrition is the best thing for your garden. Compost and manure, and their teas, provide nutrients for your plants while adding beneficial ...
Ten Fascinating Facts About Horse Manure - Horses - About.com
About 3/4 of the total weight of manure is water. It may also contain undigested grain and weed seeds, which is why it should be composted before putting on ...
Green Manure - What Is Green Manure? - Herb Gardens - About.com
Green manures are a great way to add organic nutrients to your soil. Here is how to choose and plant green manure for your garden.
What Is Mulch and Which Mulch Should You Use Where? - Gardening
It pays to know the origin of manure, compost and straw, since these materials can contain viable weed seeds. The last thing you want is to spread a mulch that  ...
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