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Recent Legal History of the Death Penalty in America
"The Death penalty is an abdication by a society's members to deal ... threw out their old mandatory death penalty laws and hundreds of death row prisoners had  ...
Harsh Punishments for Drug Use in Southeast Asia
Long jail sentences and heavy fines are mandatory for suspects caught with controlled substances, and the death penalty is prescribed for drug traffickers.
Constitutional History of the Death Penalty - How-to Videos - About ...
On the same day in a case called Woodson versus North Carolina, The Supreme Court over ruled the use of mandatory death penalties, saying that that was ...
Pros and Cons of the Death Penalty (Capital Punishment) - US Politics
After a 10-year moratorium, the United States re-instituted the death penalty in ... of proof" is required in a capital case than in a "prison as punishment" case.
Pennsylvania Death Penalty - Statistics and History - Pittsburgh
In fact, he said the death penalty made convictions harder to obtain, because in Pennsylvania (and all other states), the death penalty was mandatory and juries ...
Capital Punishment in Islam - About.com
What crimes are punishable by death in Islam? How does the death penalty reconcile with Islamic virtues of mercy and forgiveness?
The Sentencing Stage of a Criminal Case - Crime and Punishment
Many states have passed laws that provide for mandatory sentencing for certain ... Most states have special laws regarding the imposing of sentence in a death ...
Mandatory Drug Sentencing Laws - Background
a proponent of mandatory sentencing, has introduced a bill to Congress called ... The bill is designed to increase mandatory sentences for specific drug offenses. ... Characteristics of the Psychopathic Personality · Texas Death Row Inmates ...
An Overview of the Drug Laws in Singapore - Southeast Asia Travel
As of January 2013, changes to the law give judges a little more wiggle room: instead being required to hand down death sentences for drug smuggling, judges ...
Drug and Narcotic Legality in Thailand - Asia Travel - About.com
Magic Shakes, Happy Pizzas, and the Death Penalty .... in Singapore is no laughing matter; they impose a mandatory death penalty for drug traffickers and have ...
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