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Comparing Static and Dynamic DLL Loading With Delphi - About.com
... (dynamic). What should be used when: static or dynamic loading of DLLs in Delphi. ... Dynamic Dynamic Link Library Loading - A Comparison. When to Use  ...
Script Libraries From Google - JavaScript - About.com
How to use a JavaScript library without the overhead of your visitors needing to load it.
Load a DLL From a Resource Directly From Memory
Here's how to load a DLL from a resource directly into memory and use it without ... windows API functions to load external libraries into a program (LoadLibrary, ...
ld.so - Linux Command - Unix Command
ld.so loads the shared libraries needed by a program, prepares the program to run, and then runs it. Unless explicitly specified via the -static option to ld during ...
Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL) and Delphi - About.com
Controling DLL loading and initialization. This article is aimed at ... An info on Delphi memory allocation and dynamic-link libraries (DLL). Why and when an ...
Creating and using a resource only DLL with Delphi - About.com
Dynamic link libraries contain sharable code or resources, they provide the ability ... To use you resource only dynamic link library, simply load the DLL and the ...
dlopen - Linux Command - Unix Command
DESCRIPTION. dlopen loads a dynamic library from the file named by the null terminated string filename and returns an opaque "handle" for the dynamic library .
Controling DLL loading - Delphi - About.com
When you are writing dynamic link libraries and need to control the loading and unloading of a DLL, or if you want to initialize your DLL when it is loaded, you ...
When to look at JavaScript Libraries - About.com
The most obvious example of this is the $() function that most of the libraries ... code you are saving by using it and that's before you start to load the library at all.
load - Linux Command - Unix Command
Linux / Unix Command Library: load. Learn about its synopsis, description, options, and examples.
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