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Articles related to lexical scopes

Everything You Need to Know About Variables - Ruby - About.com
Ruby maintains tables of known variables and their values for each lexical scope and instance referred to as bindings. Once you start using a variable, Ruby ...
Local Variables and Bindings - Ruby - About.com
It exists within the lexical scope that it is initially used. Any other code within that scope can refer to a local variable first used in that scope. The "scope" referred ...
perlsub - Linux Command - Unix Command
Lexical scopes of control structures are not bounded precisely by the braces that delimit their controlled blocks; control expressions are part of that scope, too.
Semantics - Definitions and Examples - Grammar & Composition
Lexical semantics is the study of word meaning, whereas phrasal semantics is ... the usual understanding of the scope of linguistic or computational semantics.
More About Methods - Ruby - About.com
In the global lexical scope (that is to say, outside of any other classes or modules) the self object is an object called main, an invisible object that bootstraps all ...
Definition and Examples of English Morphology
The study of morphology uncovers the lexical resources of language, helps speakers to acquire the skills of using them creatively, and consequently express  ...
perldiag - Linux Command - Unix Command
Can't localize lexical variable %s: (F) You used local on a variable name that was ... old value of whatever $ref pointed to after the scope of the local() is finished, ...
perlunicode - Linux Command - Unix Command
The "bytes" pragma will always, regardless of platform, force byte semantics in a particular lexical scope. See bytes. The "utf8" pragma is primarily a compatibility ...
Stylistics - Definition and Discussion - Grammar & Composition
Stylistics is a branch of applied linguistics concerned with the study of style in texts, especially (but not exclusively) in literary works.
NICE properties - Grammar & Composition - About.com
The four properties by which auxiliary verbs are distinguished from lexical verbs ... "This lack of fit between the semantic scope of negation and the syntactic type ...
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