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Apartment Lease Terms - Apartments - About.com
After your apartment application gets approved, your landlord may offer you a choice of lease terms, such as one year or two years. In your excitement to sign the ...
Fixed-Term Lease or Month-to-Month Rental Agreement - Apartments
A fixed-term lease. The most common rental arrangement is a fixed-term lease. The lease states the duration of the tenancy, and when the time is up, you may ...
The 5 Basics You Must Include in a Lease
While the exact terms of a lease will differ based on many factors, such as location of the rental property, there are certain basic clauses all landlords should  ...
Commercial Leasing Tips - Negotiable Lease Terms
Commercial Leasing Tips - Negotiable Lease Terms. Women business owners need to ask what type of commercial lease is being offered. Are the terms of the ...
Commercial Lease Red Flags and Bad Lease Terms
Commercial Lease Red Flags - How to recognize bad lease terms. Before you sign a lease make sure you fully understand the terms of the lease. Leases that ...
Standard Terms in Commercial Leases - Women in Business
Before you sign a commercial lease be sure you get all your lease terms in writing and understand every term in a lease agreement. Here are standard terms ...
What Is a Lease in Real Estate? - Landlords and Property Investments
A lease is a contractually binding agreement between two or more parties. In real estate, this contract is usually between a landlord, or property owner, and a ...
Apartment Lease Basics - What Tenants Need to Know - Apartments
Before you sign a lease, you might wonder what the best lease term is, how much you'll owe, who else might need to sign the lease, and even whether you'd be ...
Leases - Lease Term - Apartments - About.com
Definition: The length of time that an apartment lease is in effect, during which time the tenant who signs the lease has the right to occupy the apartment in return ...
Elements of a Lease Document - Real Estate Business - About.com
A lease agreement is a legal and binding contract between the landlord or owner and the tenant. To be binding, it requires that the signing parties be of legal ...
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