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Perl array pop() function - Quick Tutorial - About Perl
Perl's pop() function is used to remove and return (or pop) the last element from an array, which reduces the number of elements by one. The last element in the ...
nth-last-child: CSS Pseudo-Class Property Description
The :nth-last-child pseudo-class matches elements based on their position within the parent element's list of child elements. It matches elements counting up ...
Perl array shift() function - Quick Tutorial - About Perl
The first element in the array is the one with the lowest index. It's easy to confuse this function with pop() , which removes the last element from an array.
How to Use nth-child(N) Expressions in CSS 3 - Web Design/HTML
CSS 3 provides a very powerful way of selecting child elements with the nth-child ... Working with nth-child(N) - nth-last-child(N) - nth-of-type(N) - nth-last-of-typ.
Perl Array Push() Function - Quick Tutorial - About Perl
Perl's push() function is used to push a value or values onto the end of an array, which increases the number of elements. The new values then become the last ...
CSS Pseudo-Classes and Pseudo-Elements - Web Design/HTML
These pseudo-classes and -elements give designers more flexibility in how they ... If you don't put :active last it will be overridden when the element is hovered ...
C: how to use va_list, last element, linked list - AllExperts
Feb 21, 2005 ... last element, linked list, turbo c: YES. The first argument is a char pointer, which inturn contains the link to number of arguments. This is the only ...
Z-Index in CSS - Positioning Overlapping Elements
One of the challenges when using CSS positioning for web page layout is that some of your elements may overlap others. This works fine if you want the last ...
How to Jump to the Last Item in the TListBox Delphi component
When dynamically adding items to the ListBox you might want to ensure that the last added item is visible. Here's how to use the TopIndex property to ensure the  ...
What Is the Oxford (or Serial) Comma? - Grammar and Composition
The Oxford (or serial) comma is the comma that precedes the conjunction before the final item in a list of three or more items:
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