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Language: Definitions and Observations - Grammar and Composition
A human system of communication that uses arbitrary signals, such as voice sounds, gestures, or written symbols. The study of language is called linguistics.
Spain's Linguistic Diversity - Spanish Language - About.com
If you think that Spanish or Castilian is the language of Spain, you're only partly right. True, Spanish is the national language and the only language you can use  ...
Idioms and idiomatic expressions in various languages - Omniglot
Omniglot - the online encyclopedia of writing systems & languages ... Idioms provide interesting insights into languages and thought processes of their speakers.
Natural Language - Definition and Examples
A human language, such as English or Standard Mandarin, as opposed to artificial language, machine language, or the language of formal logic.
What African Language Is Spoken Where? - Africa Travel - About.com
There are literally thousands of indigenous languages spoken in Africa and many more dialects. Every African country you visit will no doubt be home to more ...
African Languages - Languages of Africa - Africa Travel - About.com
African languages spoken throughout Africa. Find information and link about African languages, dialects, useful phrases, travel phrasebooks and more.
10 Facts About the Spanish Language
Here are 10 facts about the Spanish language you might be interested to know: 1 . With 329 million native speakers, Spanish ranks as the world's No. 2 language ...
Programming Languages - Strengths and Weaknesses - C / C++ / C
Comparing C,C++ and C# against other popular programming languages giving relative strengths and weaknesses.
Finding Employment Using Your Language Skills - Spanish Language
Question: I am a Web designer but I found out that I enjoy more studying and practicing other languages than working as a designer. I want to learn a few more  ...
What Are the Romance Languages - Ancient / Classical History
Find out why we call these languages romance languages.
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