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5 Must Know Features of the Ruby Language - About.com
If you're going to program in the Ruby language, there are some basic features you absolutely must know. Here are the Top 5.
Features of the Ruby Programming Language - About.com
Learn about the basic features of Ruby. From Loops to Exceptions, these articles will explain the basic programming features of Ruby and how they are used.
A look at Google's Programming Language Go - C / C++ / C - About ...
I'm skimming over some of the language features of Go to give you a flavor. These are by no means complete, I'll be covering them in future tutorials in far ...
A Beginner's Guide to Ruby Programming Language - About.com
What type of language is the Ruby programming language? ... or flexibility by leaving out features that aren't expressly related to object-oriented programming.
Redundancy Definition and Examples in English
(Features that are not redundant are said to be distinctive.) Adjective: redundant. (2) In generative grammar, any language feature that can be predicted on the ...
New language features in Delphi for .Net - About.com
What you need to know about the new Delphi language features in Delphi 8 for . Net. Find out about unit namespaces and the new class visibility and access ...
Register - Definition and Examples in Linguistics
One of many styles or varieties of language determined by such factors as social ... "Any linguistic feature having a functional or conventional association can be ...
language change - definition and examples of language change
The phenomenon by which permanent alterations are made in the features and the use of a language over time. All natural languages change, and language ...
All about the C++ Programming Language - C / C++ / C - About.com
C++ was intended to be a fusion of features from the somewhat slowish language Simula with the speed and efficiency of C. The first version was called C with ...
Nigerian English - Culture and Language of Nigeria
The varieties of the English language that are used in the Federal Republic of ... do something' as one of the key features of our dialect of the English language.
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