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What is the difference between kudasai and onegaishimasu in ...
"Onegaishimasu" can be replaced with "kudasai" in the examples above. It sounds a little more polite. The particle "o" can be omitted in this case.
Keep up your good work. - Japanese Language - About.com
Learn simple Japanese phrases - Keep up your good work. (Korekaramo Ganbatte kudasai.)
Mou ichido itte kudasai - Simple Japanese Phrases
Pardon in Japanese - How to say pardon in Japanese.
Simple Japanese Phrases - Let me think (Kangae sasete kudasai)
Learn simple Japanese phrases - Let me think (Kangae sasete kudasai)
Useful Japanese expressions when visiting someone's place (1)
"Gomen kudasai" literally means, "Please forgive me for bothering you." It is often used when visiting someone's home. "Irassharu" is the honorific form (keigo) of ...
Please call a taxi. - Japanese Language - About.com
Learn simple Japanese phrases - Please call a taxi. (Takushii o yonde kudasai.)
Japanese phrase of the day (useful Japanese phrases for skiing ...
Notes. "Ki o tsukete (気を付けて)" is the te-form of "ki o tsukeru (気を付ける)." The te-form of the verb + "~ kudasai" indicates a polite request. In informal situations ...
Basic Japanese Lessons - Asking the Directions (10)
もう一度お願いします。 Please say it again. Mou ichido itte kudasai. もう一度言って ください。 Mou ichido itte kudasaimasen ka. もう一度言ってくださいませんか。
Japanese Tea Pronunciation - Japanese Language - About.com
Learn more about how to use "o" in Japanese words. How to Order Japanese Tea. Ocha o kudasai. (お茶をください。) Ocha, onegaishimasu. (お茶、お願いします 。
Basic Japanese Lessons - At the Restaurant (1) - Japanese Language
Ichirou: Menyuu onegaishimasu. Ueitoresu: Hai, shou shou omachi kudasai. Ueitoresu: Hai, douzo. Ichirou: Doumo. Ueitoresu: Go-chuumon wa okimari desu ka ...
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