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Is Kratos the Greek God of War? - Greece Travel - About.com
The very popular video game God of War features Kratos in the title role. But is Kratos really the Greek god of war? Another Greek God may disagree.
Mrs. Kratos - Share Your Story: Funniest Cat Picture - Cats - About.com
Almost nothing is as amusing to a cat lover than a funny picture of a cat. I don't know of any cat who sets out to be funny. They just somehow manage to do so, ...
God of War Bodybuilding - Calorie Count
Apr 12, 2012 ... I'm looking to get a Kratos body by October 30th of this year. I am currently doing a modified p90x routine, which is essentially p90x classic with ...
Fast Facts on Ares, Greek God of War - Greece Travel - About.com
The popular game "God of War" cites demigod or divine spirit Kratos as a son and then successor of Ares, but this is not the traditional myth of either Ares or ...
God of War III Review (PS3) - PlayStation Games - About.com
Kratos may not like many people but we sure can't help but love him. The ultimate anti-hero is back in God of War III, and dare I say it, he looks better than ever.
Democracy in Ancient Athens and Democracy Today
Democracy [demos ~= the people; cracy >kratos = strength/rule, so democracy = rule by the people] is considered an invention of the ancient Athenian Greeks.
Mortal Kombat Fatalities and Babalities (PS3) - Cheats - About.com
Kratos Fatalities, Stage Fatality, and Babality. Fatality One: 'Blade Of Olympus' - Down, Down, Back, Forward, Triangle (Close) Fatality Two: 'Madusa's Gaze' ...
Greek Mythology - Gods and Goddesses of Greece - Greece Travel
Greek Mythology is a great way to get to know Greece - and if you're traveling in Greece a little knowledge of Greek Mythology will enhance your travels.
God of War Saga PS3 Review - PlayStation Games - About.com
There have been five amazing games featuring the character of Kratos in the " God of War" series, two for the PS2, two for the PSP, and one for the PS3. Now all  ...
God of War Collection Cheats for PS3 - About.com
In God of War: Collection, you will experience the dark world of Ancient Greece through Kratos, a brutal warrior determined to murder the God of War and alter ...
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