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Articles related to jointed legs

Jointing the Arms and Legs on Your Miniature Polar Bear - Miniatures
How to make thread joints on a miniature 2.5 inch high stuffed polar bear so that the arms and legs will move.
Arthropods - Arthropoda - The Animal Encyclopedia
The main characteristics of arthropods include: bilateral symmetry; segmented body; exoskeleton; jointed appendages; numerous pairs of limbs ...
Arachnids - Arachnida - The Animal Encyclopedia
Arachnids have two main body segments (the cephalotorax and the abdomen) and four pairs of jointed legs. By contrast, insects have three main body segments ...
Quadriceps Exercise Description - Leg Press
The leg press is a great multi-jointed exercise for the legs that can be used in conjunction with the squat or as a substitute for it in cases where lower back ...
Introduction to Collecting Kewpie Dolls - Doll Collecting - About.com
... not for the very common classic bisque Kewpie (standing straight with only arms jointed) or dolls with unusual features such as glass eyes or jointed legs).
How To Fix Dolls With Loose Limbs or Unattached ... - Doll Collecting
Aug 2, 2006 ... Fortunately, it is easy to fix dolls with loose limbs or unattached limbs. All you need to do is restring the doll, and I'll teach you how to do it in ...
Arthropods - Marine Life - About.com
All arthropods have: Jointed legs, making them quick-moving organisms; A segmented body; A hard exoskeleton made of a strong polysaccharide called chitin.
Short, Effective Bodybuilding Leg Workout Routine
Try this short but highly effective bodybuilding leg training routine to achieve ... on using the muscles that I wanted to use on my multi-jointed movements.
Facts About Amphibians - Animals and Wildlife
Adult frogs and toads have four legs but do not have tails. ... Early amphibians evolved two pairs of jointed limbs from fleshy-fins of their fish-like ancestors.
Joint - Definition - Doll Collecting - About.com
The most common doll joints are head to neck, shoulder to arm, and hips to legs. A doll just with those joints is a five-jointed doll, which is quite common.
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