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Benjamin Harrison 23rd President of the U.S. Biography
Learn more about the 23rd president of the United States, Benjamin Harrison. ... Father: John Scott Harrison - Member of the U.S. House; son of one president ...
William Henry Harrison - Cleveland - About.com
Harrison began one of several Ohio political dynasties. His son, John Scott Harrison, was elected to the US House of Representatives from Ohio (1853-1857 ) ...
William Henry Harrison Biography - Ninth U.S President
William Henry Harrison - Ninth President of the United States. By Martin ... One son, John Scott, would be the father of the 23rd president, Benjamin Harrison.
10 Things to Know About William Henry Harrison - American History
Her father did not approve of Harrison's military career. Together they had nine children. Their son, John Scott, would later be the father of Benjamin Harrison ...
Benjamin Harrison - The 23rd President of the United States
Biographical fast facts about Benjamin Harrison, the twenty-third president of the United States. ... First Lady: Caroline Lavinia Scott - She died of tuberculosis while he was in office. ... John F. Kennedy, (1917-1963), 35th President of the Uni...
Siege of Fort Wayne - War of 1812 - William Henry Harrison
... aid from Ohio Governor Return Meigs and Indian Agent John Johnston. ... the Governor of Kentucky, Charles Scott, appointed Harrison a major general in the ...
Six Essential Modern Blues Artists You Should Know - About.com
Scott Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images ... John Lee Hooker's career, much like his music, took a different tact than most Delta bluesmen.
The Battle of Tippecanoe (1811) - Tecumseh's War - Military History
In the wake of his meeting with Tecumseh, Harrison traveled to Kentucky on business leaving his secretary, John Gibson, at Vincennes as acting-governor.
US Presidential Family Trees - Genealogy - About.com
Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901), Caroline Lavinia Scott (1832-1892) ... John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963), Jacqueline Lee Bouvier (1929-1994).
Daniel Webster | Facts and Brief Biography - 19th Century History
John Tyler, Harrison's vice president, asserted that he was the new president, and the Tyler Precedent ... Angered, Webster refused to support Scott's candidacy.
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