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Semantic Transparency - Grammar and Composition - About.com
John Benjamins, 1986); "Semantic transparency can be viewed as a continuum. One end reflects a more superficial, literal correspondence and the opposite ...
Definition and Examples of Linguistic Variation
Using Corpora to Explore Linguistic Variation by Randi Reppen, Susan M. Fitzmaurice, and Douglas Biber (John Benjamins, 2002). Definition: Regional, social ...
Clausal Coordination - Grammar and Composition - About.com
John Benjamins, 2003); Asymmetry in Clausal Coordination "Asymmetry in coordination has been an object of much theoretical discussion, and, as far as ...
neurolinguistics - definition and examples of neurolinguistics
(Elisabeth AhlsÚn, Introduction to Neurolinguistics. John Benjamins, 2006); Co- evolution of Language and the Brain "It is uncontroversial, in scientific circles at ...
Colligation Definition and Examples in Language
(Ute R÷mer, Progressives, Patterns, Pedagogy: A Corpus-driven Approach to English Progressive Forms, Functions, Contexts and Didactics. John Benjamins ...
Coherence - Definition and Examples - Grammar and Composition
John Benjamins, 1993); "The Coherence Principle accounts for the fact that we do not communicate by verbal means only. The traditional concept of coherence,  ...
Patient - Grammar and Composition - About.com
(Laurel J. Brinton and Donna M. Brinton, The Linguistic Structure of Modern English. John Benjamins, 2010); Semantic Case-Role Assignment and Voice
Speech-Act Theory - Definition and Examples
John Benjamins, 2002); Speech-Act Theory and Literary Criticism "Since 1970 speech-act theory has influenced in conspicuous and varied ways the practice of  ...
Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis - Definition and Examples
John Benjamins, 2006) - "The question of whether languages shape the way we think goes back centuries; Charlemagne proclaimed that 'to have a second ...
Clitic - Definition and Examples
Clitics in Phonology, Morphology and Syntax, edited by Birgit Gerlach and Janet Grijzenhout (John Benjamins, 2000). Definition: A word or part of a word that is ...
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