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Symbols of Japanese Summer - yukata, bonodori, hanabi
August is the hottest month of the year in Japan. Not only is the temperature high, so is the humidity. This week we will look at symbols for the hot Japanese ...
How to write summer in Japanese - summer in Japanese kanji
Kanji Land Lessons - Learn kanji character for summer.
Symbols of Japanese Summer - Japanese Language - About.com
Japanese summer is hot and humid. Let's look at the symbols for the hot Japanese summer.
Summer Dishes - Japanese Food - About.com
Salt-boiled edamame in pods are eaten by squeezing beans out of pods with fingers. It's a popular Japanese summer appetizer and go well with cold beer.
Things to Do in the Summer Months in Japan
Are you visiting Japan in summer? Here are ideas for things in summer.
What is Yukata - Yukata in Japanese hiragana and kanji
Wooden clogs (geta) are usually worn without Japanese socks (tabi) when wearing ... Today many people wear yukata at summer festivals (matsuri), fireworks ...
Festivals of the Summer Season - Japan Travel - About.com
List major festivals held during the summer months. ... Check out this list of festivals before you plan a trip to Japan. Here are some major ones held during the ...
Summer Vacation Homework - Japanese Language - About.com
Japanese children are usually given some homework to do during summer vacation. Find out more.
The Five Hundred Essential Japanese Season Words - 2HWeb
SUMMER. In traditional temperate zone four-season calendars East and West, the equinoxes and solstices are the mid-points of the ...
Obon Traditions in Japanese Culture - Japan Travel - About.com
People go to their neighborhood bon odori held at parks, gardens, shrines, or temples, wearing yukata (summer kimono) and dance around a yagura stage.
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