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Japanese Ghosts (1) - Japanese Language - About.com
This week we will learn about Japanese ghosts and goblins of Japanese folklore.
More About Japanese Ghosts - Japanese Language - About.com
There are a few terms to describe Japanese ghosts. I have introduced "obake" and "yuurei" in the previous article. In this article I will tell you about "youkai," and  ...
Japanese Soldier's Ghost - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Paranormal Story Archives March 2002 – Page 16. Japanese Soldier's Ghost by Albert F. I'm in the Air Force and when I was stationed at Clark Air Base, ...
Japan's Most Haunted Places - Weird Asia News
Posted on August 19, 2009. The Japanese believe that all humans have a spirit or soul called a reikon. Ghosts are yurei, meaning “faint spirit.” If a person dies in  ...
Japanese Ghosts Haunt Asian Art Museum
The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco hosts a night of spooky Japanese ghost stories--about people who died with unpaid debts or unfulfilled obligations and ...
Ghosts of Japanese Soldiers - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Your True Tales March 2007 - Page 12. Ghosts of Japanese Soldiers by Richard Barnhart. I was in Adak, Alaska when I was in the service in 1978-1984.
Paranormal Links - The Latest Paranormal Links
17 Practical Tips for Would-Be Ghost Hunters (added 7/28) Whether or not you believe in ghosts, these are some common sense ideas to remember in the ...
Japanese kanji symbol for ghost - Japanese Language - About.com
How to write ghost in Japanese kanji: kanji symbol ghost nbsp japanese kanji japanese symbol.
Hungry Ghost Festivals - Buddhist Festivals to Placate Hungry Ghosts
Asia's hungry ghost festivals are held to soothe and placate the dead. ... In the Obon festivals of Japan, for example, paper lanterns are floated down rivers to ...
Yoshitoshi Taiso - Ghosts and Demons - Asian History - About.com
Yoshitoshi Taiso (1839-1892) was one of Japan's greatest woodblock print artists , but ... See some of his works that depict frightening demons, ghosts and ghouls.
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