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Alcoholic Beverages in Ireland - Irish Drinks
This is the most Irish of drinks and could be described as a neat spirit distilled from whatever was at hand. More specifically the word refers to a strong spirit (on  ...
Irish Whiskey Liquor History - What is the History of Irish Whiskey?
By the 18th Century, Czar Peter the Great of Russia (1672-1725) declared, "Of all the wines of the world, Irish spirit is the best". By 1755, Samuel Johnson had ...
Irish and Scotch Whiskey Descriptions Profile - Cocktails - About.com
Profile of the different types of whiskey including Irish, Scotch, Bourbon, Tennessee, Rye and Canadian. Learn the basic differences of this complex spirit.
Drinks and Spirits of Britain and Ireland
Across Great Britain and Ireland there is a heritage of different drinks and spirits. Beers and ales, a flourishing wine industry in England, Scotland and Ireland ...
Distilled Spirits Shelf Life (by Type) - Cocktails - About.com
Unlike some wines, distilled spirits do not age (or mature) in the bottle. ... Liqueurs like Bailey's Irish Cream, Advocaat and Amarula should be consumed within a ...
What is Irish Whiskey Liquor? - The Basics of Irish Whisky - Cocktails
spirits described as Irish whiskey shall not be deemed to correspond to that description unledss they have been obtained by distillation in the Ireland from a ...
Popular St. Patrick's Day Cocktail Recipes - Cocktails - About.com
Irish whiskey is the base spirit for this creamy lowball that is similar to the vodka based White Russian. The crème de menthe adds just a hint of mint and gives ...
Irish Pride Cocktail Recipe - Cocktails - About.com
Okay, so there are no Irish spirits in this drink, but it does have a green hue, so it is still appropriate for St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Erin Go Braugh!
Jameson Rarest Vintage Irish Whiskey Liquor Review - Distilled ...
Rarely do I taste whiskey as good as Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve. At $250, its not inexpensive, but then the very best things never are.
Popular Whiskey Brands Guide (By Price and Type) - Cocktails
Whiskey can be one of the most difficult spirits to find what you actually like. ... Von Holden/Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images for Jameson Irish Whiskey  ...
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