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What Is a Public IP Address? - Networking - About.com
Internet standards define certain IP addresses as public. A public IP address cannot be used or accessed inside a local newtork, but it can be used on the ...
Internet Protocol Tutorial - Networking - About.com
... networking. Learn about the basics of IP addressing in this tutorial, including addressing, subnets and CIDR. ... IP Address Notation - What Is An IP Address?
Private IP Addresses and Ranges - Networking - About.com
Internet standards define certain IP addresses as private. A private IP address cannot be used or accessed on the public Internet, but it can be used on local ...
Ways You Can Hide Your Public IP Address - Networking - About.com
It is really possible to hide the public IP address of a home computer or router when using the Internet? Hiding my IP address makes it more difficult others to ...
What Is an IP Address in Computer Networking?
An IP address is a binary number that identifies devices on TCP/IP networks. Both IPv4 and IPv6 networks use these addresses to discover and communicate  ...
IP Tutorial - IP Address Classes Limited Broadcast Multicast
The IP address space can be divided into five classes. IP supports both limited broadcast and multicast.
Configure or Change an IP Address - Networking - About.com
You need to have IP addresses set up correctly when configuring your network, and you may also need to change them occasionally.
IP Tutorial - Network Numbering - Networking - About.com
... business networking. Learn about the basics of IP network numbering this tutorial. ... IP Address Classes, Broadcast and Multicast • IP Loopback and Private  ...
How to Find the IP Addresses for Yahoo! - Networking - About.com
Unable to reach yahoo.com? You may be able to connect to Yahoo by an IP address. Like many popular Web sites, Yahoo! utilizes multiple Internet servers and ...
Can MAC Addresses Be Converted to IP Addresses? - Networking
The MAC address represents the physical address of a network device, while the IP address represents a logical address on Internet Protocol networks.
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