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Articles related to interpolation

Interpolation - Graphics Software Glossary
In regard to graphics software, interpolation is a process where the software adds new pixels to an image based on the color values of the surrounding pixels.
Difference Between Extrapolation and Interpolation - Statistics
Extrapolation and interpolation are both used to estimate hypothetical values for a variable based upon other observations. There are a variety of interpolation ...
What is Interpolation? - Use These Tips to Learn What Is Interpolation
Interpolation is a term used to describe a method to increase the size of pixels within an image. It is commonly used to increase the overall size of an image.
Use Better Interpolation When Resampling in Photoshop and ...
Photoshop CS and Photoshop Elements 3 introduced two new interpolation methods you can use for better quality when resampling images. If you rarely ...
String Interpolation - Ruby - About.com
In Ruby, string interpolation refers to the ability of double-quoted strings to execute Ruby code and replace portions of that strings (denoted by #{ ... }) with the ...
Increasing Image Resolution with Minimal Loss - Graphics Software
This technique is referred to as stair interpolation. One advantage to using stair interpolation is that it will work on 16-bit mode images and it requires no ...
Optical Resolution vs Interpolated Resolution in Scanners
When evaluating a scanner, two terms you may encounter are its optical resolution and its interpolated resolution.
Keyframe Interpolation in After Effects - Animation - About.com
Learn about how to adjust the keyframe interpolation in After Effects to get different kinds of tweening animation.
String Literals - Ruby - About.com
The basics of strings, string interpolation, single and double quotes, escape sequences and alternate string literal syntaxes.
Increasing Image Resolution - Software & Plugins - Graphics Software
XFile offers Lanczos interpolation algorithms and a special XFile technique. It works on both RGB or CMYK images. It can be purchased for approximately $55  ...
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