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8 Web Conferencing Tools For Interactive Engagement - Collaboration
The eLearning tool allows you to share audio, video, and interact with participants through polls, interactive games and quizzes. You can record and edit audio ...
Gerund or Infinitive? An Interactive Quiz - English as 2nd Language
This interactive JavaScript game helps improve your knowledge of which verbs take the gerund or infinitive (and other variations) when combined with another ...
Evaluating Interactive Whiteboards for Collaborative ... - Collaboration
Interactive whiteboards enable access to members for teams of all sizes. How do you choose a whiteboard tool? [ ] Do you use web conferencing software?
Interactive Gantt Charts for Project Teams - Collaboration - About.com
Project management and collaboration tools give you plenty of flexibility to add Gantt chart functionality in your team's work processes.
Interactive Social Studies Websites for the Classroom - Teaching
This is a fun, interactive tool probably best suited for users in middle school or higher. This site allows you to build a historical "box" around a particular event, ...
6 Free Online Room Design Tools - Freebies - About.com
... time you'll have a stunning room finished that you can view in interactive 3D. ... and plan your new design with their simple to use tools and clear instructions.
Home Network Setup Advisor - Computer Networking - About.com
Home network setup can be complicated by many "what if" issues. To answer questions about your home networking needs, we've developed an interactive tool ...
Free Online Decorating Tools - Budget Decorating - About.com
Browse our list of free online decorating tools and online decorating resources ... can stand dealing with their talkative, interactive (and slightly irritating) website.
Top 10 Digital Tools to Help You Choose House Paint Colors
Use these easy, free digital painting tools to try out paint colors for your house. ... Their interactive Web site will help get you started Understanding Color and ...
Affordable Web Conferencing Tools for Small Businesses
It's also a highly interactive tool that lets meeting hosts create polls and surveys. If social media is important for your company, then AnyMeeting could prove to ...
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