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Spotlight on Gems: interactive_editor - Ruby - About.com
Well, interactive_editor is one of those gems. In short, it allows you to launch an editor from IRB to edit your code, without having to rely on IRB's sketchy editing.
Make Interactive Web Videos With Flixmaster!
You can try out Flixmaster for free, and once you've created an interactive video, you ... Flixmaster is a cloud-based video editor, which means all of the video ...
ash - Linux Command - Unix Command
An interactive shell generally prompts before each command and handles ... -V vi : Enable the built-in vi(1) command line editor (disables -E if it has been set).
Scite Editor - Ruby - About.com
The One-Click Installer comes with a small editor called Scite. Open it from the Start Menu to use it, or right-click any .rb file and select the Edit option. Tip: Go to  ...
more - Linux Command - Unix Command
Interactive commands for more are based on vi(1). ... The editor is taken from the environment variable VISUAL if defined, or EDITOR if VISUAL is not defined, ...
emacs - Linux Command - Unix Command
Emacs has an extensive interactive help facility, but the facility assumes that you know ... The following options are useful when running Emacs as a batch editor:.
tcsh - Linux Command - Unix Command
It is a command language interpreter usable both as an interactive login shell and a shell script command processor. It includes a command-line editor (see The ...
Shareware and Freeware - Graphics Editing Programs - Social Media
Try before you buy freeware and shareware for editing graphics. Graphics ... Then you can add other interactive things to your site with some of these other tools.
mail - Linux Command - Unix Command
-I: Forces mail to run in interactive mode even when input isn't a terminal. ... delete recipients to the message and allow you to escape to an editor to revise the ...
Wondershare Video Editor for Mac and Windows - Digital Video
Wondershare Video Editor is a simple, cost-effective tool for editing videos on your personal computer. Keep reading to find out if it's the video editor for you! ... YouTube Editor Tips · Transitions & Effects in iMovie 10 · Make...
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