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The Top Reasons to Keep Cats Indoors - About.com
Many cat lovers are now savvy that indoor cats are safer cats, while others still think that cats deserve freedom to run in the great outdoors. For those holdouts ...
Cats - The Great Indoor-Outdoor Debate Revisited
An epiphany causes this person to change her views on the indoor-outdoor controversy on cat care.
Indoor Cats That Want to Go Outside - Safe Solutions - About.com
Cat lovers who want their cats to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and the ambience of trees, bushes, and plants, often feel guilt by confining their cats to the indoors.
Training Indoor Cats to Go Outdoors - About.com
How do we train our previously indoor cats to go outdoors? Questions and answers from the About Guide to Cats.
The Great Indoor-Outdoor Controversy - Cats
The great indoor-outdoor controversy about cats. Are they always safer indoors, or should circumstances be your guide?
Why I Choose to Keep my Cat Indoors - or Allow ... - Cats - About.com
I have been on both sides of the indoor-outdoor controversy around cats, and I thoroughly understand and appreciate both points of view. After losing several ...
Indoors VS Outdoors - Cats Really Are Safer Inside - About.com
The indoor-outdoor controversy has gone on for years, but more and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of keeping their cats indoor only.
11. Isn't it cruel to keep cats indoors? - About.com
Jun 16, 2008 ... Here in the UK we consider it cruel to keep a cat indoors, especially if it is kept alone, without another cat. Indeed, the Cats' Protection League ...
Keeping Cats Safe Indoors and Outdoors - About.com
... to carelessness. Instead, follow these guidelines for keeping your cats safe. ... Advice for Ensuring the Safety of Your Cats, Inside or Outdoors. By Franny Syufy.
FAQ - Isn't it cruel to keep cats indoors - About.com
A reader from the UK remarks that it is cruel to keep cats indoors, and that customs differ from country to country. Read my reply to this email.
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