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History of the Swastika - 20th Century History - About.com
... around the world, including in China, Japan, India, and southern Europe. ... use the swastika, because it had ancient Aryan/Indian origins, to represent a long  ...
What Is the Origin of the Swastika? - Ancient / Classical History
Read about the possible origins of an ancient symbol, the swastika. ... Relatedly, recent scholarship with ancient Indian and Vedic documents reveals a legend ...
Swastika - What Is the Origin of the Swastika
We can't identify the origin of the swastika with certainty. ... A Indian medicine man and four Indians set out on a journey made all four turned left so evil spirit ...
What Is the Origin of Sikhism? - About.com
The origins of Sikhism may be traced to a part of Punjab which is located in modern ... He made a series of journeys which took him through much of India, the ...
Origins of the Jammu and Kashmir Conflict - Asian History - About.com
Learn more about the origins of the conflict in Jammu and Kashimir, the region claimed by both India and Pakistan high in the Himalayas.
History of the Caste System in India
The origins of the caste system in India and Nepal are shrouded, but it seems to have originated more than two thousand years ago. Under this system, which is ...
Tracing Indian Ancestry - Genealogy - About.com
Plus, how to determine if your Indian ancestry qualifies you for membership in the ... an American Indian, or just want to learn more about your roots, researching ...
Fact and Fiction about the Origins of Thanksgiving
Most Americans think that Thanksgiving has its roots in a simple tale of Pilgrims sitting down to a shared meal with Indians to thank them for their help in ...
Share Your Indian Visa Issues Here - India Travel - About.com
Regards, Preethi D'souza Ans: Preethi, you can apply for an X Entry visa for India because you are of Indian origin. It's a residential visa. I assume you are in the ...
India - Genealogy - About.com
Find ancestors who lived in India with these genealogy and family history resources ... their ancestors of British and European origin in India and Southern Asia.
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