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Plus and Minus Sizing Your Tires - Tires and Wheels - About.com
Need to change your tire size, but don't understand what the tire guy is telling you ? ... In order to keep the same outside diameter, when you gain an inch of rim ...
Plus One Tire Sizing - Auto Repair - About.com
The Plus concept takes it a step further, and formulates the tire size you'll need if you increase your wheel diameter by an inch, for instance changing from a ...
Tire Sizes Help - What Size Tires Do I Need - Buying New Tires By ...
If your car has 16-inch wheels, you'll need 16-inch tires. The only way to change this is to buy new wheels, for instance if you were going with a Plus-One or ...
Tire Size Calculators - Tires and Wheels - About.com
So when you change the wheel diameter by an inch, say by going from 16” to 17” wheels, your tire must have an inch less sidewall height to keep the same ...
Wheel Widths and Tire Fitments - Tires and Wheels - About.com
235/45/17 means the tire fits a 17” wheel) it's not as easy to determine the width. ... a “staggered” setup, meaning that the rear wheels are an inch wider than the ...
Why You Should Downsize Your Winter Wheels - Tires and Wheels
Why should you downsize winter wheels? Smaller wheels and tires perform better in winter conditions.
Which Mountain Bike Wheel Size Is Right for You? - Mountain Biking
While 26 inches is considered the “standard” wheel size in the mountain bike industry, 29-inch ... So, what tire is best for you: 26-inch, 27.5-inch or 29-inch?
Bike Tires: What You Need to Know Before Buying - Bicycling
Tires for standard adult bikes like mountain bikes, hybrids, etc. can come in 26 or 29 inch sizes, which is the measurement of the outside diameter of the tire.
Tire Repair: Plugging vs. Patching - Tires and Wheels - About.com
Certainly a patch is by far the best way to repair any hole in a tire, but are plugs ... ever be used to repair damage that is located within an inch of either sidewall!
Bald Tires Flat Dangerous, says NHTSA
Nine percent driving on bald tires - gas stations not helping ... tires are not safe and should be replaced when the tread is worn down to 1/16th of an inch. Tires ...
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