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The IMG Tag for Images or Web Graphics - Web Design - About.com
The IMG tag defines an image or web graphic on a web page.
IMG Tag Attributes - How to Use the IMG Tag
The HTML IMG tag is often one of the first tags we learn when learning HTML. It allows you to add a dimension to your web pages beyond text, and, if you're an ...
Always Use the img alt Attribute - Web Design - About.com
One attribute is nearly always forgotten when creating and using images in Web pages: alt. But this attribute has two very important uses in image tags:.
Alt Attributes: Describe Your Images for Accessibility - Web Design
It's amazing to me how many people forget to use this simple attribute. In fact, now, if you want to write valid XHTML, the alt attribute is required for the img tag.
Images in HTML - Security Risk - Content Management Systems
The actual images aren't a problem. It's the ability to include images with the img tag. Remember, the img tag includes a whole separate file into your web page.
How to Center Text and Images with the DIV Tag and CSS
Plus, you avoid using deprecated tags and attributes like align and CENTER . ... Place your cursor before the first <p> or <img> tag you want to center. Type:.
How to Link an Image in HTML - Web Design - About.com
Here's How: Place your image in the HTML document: <img src="image.gif" alt=" alt text" />; In front of the image tag, add your starting anchor link:
Adding Images to Web Pages Using HTML - Web Design - About.com
Images are easy to add to your web pages. The IMG tag has only two required attributes: SRC and ALT . The SRC attribute tells the browser which image to ...
Does HTML 5 Use a Trailing Slash in Singleton Tags - Web Design
Answer: In HTML 5 a singleton tag or void element is a tag that does not require a closing tag to be valid. These include: <br> · <img> · <input>. In HTML 5, the ...
Border HTML Attribute for the IMG Tag - HTML border Attribute
Description of the border attribute as it applies to the img and object elements.
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