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Las Vegas Magic Shows - Reviews - Magic & Illusion - About.com
David Copperfield's illusion and magic show offers the finest magic experiences performed by the best magician of our era. Don't miss this show when you're in ...
Carnival of Illusion - Parlor Magic Show in Phoenix AZ - About.com
Read a review of Carnival of Illusion, a parlor magic show with a Vaudeville feel. They perform in Phoenix, AZ.
The Las Vegas Illusion Shows - Magic & Illusion - About.com
It's an illusion show that is worthy of Las Vegas. Glitz and glamor, edge and excitement and mystery and magic, it's all here in “Illusions By Jan Rouven,” a terrific ...
38 Easy Magic Tricks for Beginners and Kids - Magic & Illusion
It's a fun construction project and the trick is easy to learn and perform and is perfect for kids. Furthermore, it's a trick that a kid can perform in a show. Have fun  ...
Review of Pack Flat Illusions for Kid's and Family Shows by J.C. Sum
For those who perform family and kid shows, in "Pack Flat Illusions," JC Sum offers a collection of strong illusions that magicians can build and perform.
5 Things Theatre Marketing Can Teach You About ... - Magic & Illusion
Mar 21, 2014 ... JC Sum published a thought-provoking story by Clay Mabbit that discusses techniques to promote one's magic show. "Whether an illusion ...
Review: Disney Live! presents Mickey's Magic Show - Magic & Illusion
And the idea of combining Disney themes with illusion seems like a natural. While “Disney Live! presents Mickey's Magic Show,” a touring show that combines ...
The Top Ten Magicians of Our Time - Magic & Illusion - About.com
Doug Henning is often credited with resurrecting magic as a theatrical art in the 1970's. He starred on Broadway, toured with a large stage show and popularized  ...
Magician Harry Blackstone Sr. - Magic & Illusion - About.com
Working with the USO during World War II, Blackstone toured and presented his illusion show to some 165 military bases. In the early days of television, ...
Review of Fantasma Top Hat Magic Show - Magic & Illusion - About ...
This beginner's magic set, which is priced between $20 - $40, depending on the number of enclosed tricks, promises "high impact" effects for ages five and up.
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