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"I Don't Care" in Your Marriage - About.com
When your spouse asks your opinion about what to have for dinner, or where to go out to eat, or which movie to see, or where you would like to go on vacation, ...
Ways to say "I don't care." - Calorie Count
I never use it in person, but I'll do it through a text if I'm pissed. ... I do a sort of disinterested "Oh that's nice" upon finding out things I don't care ...
I don't care about price in Japanese - Japanese Language
Learn how to say I don't care about price in Japanese.
Fall Out Boy - "I Dont Care" - Review of the Fall Out ... - Top 40 / Pop
Not as immediately arresting as the #1 smash "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race," "I Don't Care" is still likely to please the group's army of fans and possibly  ...
i don't care about being healthy i want to lose weight quickly ...
so if i eat my recommended calories and then work out like crazy and lose more weight than is healthy.... why is that a problem? i am not a ...
Upset Spouse? Here's What to Do and What Not to Say - Marriage
"Whatever" or "I don't care." If you want to come across as being super insensitive , say "whatever" or "I don't care." Those two phrases will guarantee you will ...
German expressions: Indicating Moods
I couldn't care less. Es ist mir egal. I don't care. Ich habe nichts dagegen. I have nothing against it. Meinetwegen. Whatever. Macht nichts. Doesn't matter.
Tu m'étonnes - French Expression - French About.com
Meaning: I know, tell me about it, tell me something I don't know, you don't say, ... the expression "I could care less" when what you really mean is "I don't care at ...
When Family Doesn't Listen, Maybe They Can't Listen
I could just shoot them all. I don't know why I even bother to talk to them. They infuriate me. They all lied to my mother and said they would take care of me and ...
Gaining weight...don't care? - Calorie Count
I want to get back on track, but how do you stay motivated? All the food I used to like (healthy) I don't like anymore. Am I just trying to make up ...
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