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Articles related to human instincts

Instinct Theory of Motivation - Psychology - About.com
In humans, many reflexes are examples of instinctive behaviors. The rooting reflex, as mentioned earlier is one such example, as is the suckling reflex, the Moro ...
Theories of Motivation in Psychology - About.com
William James created a list of human instincts that included such things as attachment, play, shame, anger, fear, shyness, modesty and love. The main problem ...
Life Instincts (Eros) and Death Intincts (Thanatos) - Psychology
Eventually, he came to believe that these life instincts alone could not explain all human behavior. Freud determined that all instincts fall into one of two major ...
Freudian Theory - Psychology - About.com
Freud also believed that much of human behavior was motivated by two driving instincts: the life instincts and the death instincts. The life instincts are those that ...
Evolutionary Psychology Definition and Examples
Evolutionary psychology is commonly cited as a means of explaining human behavior. ... Over time, the most successful solutions developed into basic instincts.
Behaviorism - Instinctive Response - Phobias - About.com
May 9, 2008 ... Even in non-behaviorism therapies, it is important to understand the impact that instinctive responses have on human behavior. They can be ...
Motivation: The Psychological Factors That Guide Us - Psychology
Instincts: The instinct theory of motivation suggests that behaviors are motivated ... and, William McDougal have proposed a number of basic human drives that ...
How Heredity and Environment Shape Who We Are - Genealogy
... think that people behave as they do according to genetic predispositions or even "animal instincts." This is known as the "nature" theory of human behavior.
Sigmund Freud - Life, Career, and Theories of Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud believed that all instincts fit into one of two classes: the life ... Learn what these concepts mean and how they relate to his theory of human ...
Biological explanations of deviant behavior - Sociology - About.com
These "born criminals" are a throwback to an earlier stage of human evolution with the physical makeup, mental capabilities, and instincts of primitive man.
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