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hosts.equiv - Linux Command - Unix Command
NAME. /etc/hosts.equiv - list of hosts and users that are granted "trusted" r command access to your system. DESCRIPTION. The hosts.equiv file allows or denies ...
hosts.deny - Linux Command - Unix Command
The more complex forms daemon@host and user@host are explained in the sections on server endpoint patterns and on client username lookups, respectively.
Linux Command - xhost - About.com
The key command is: xhost - the server access control program for X. The xhost program is used to add and delete host (computer) names or user names to the ...
telnet - Linux Command - Unix Command
The telnet command is used to communicate with another host using the TELNET protocol .... open host [-l user ] [[- ] port ]: Open a connection to the named host.
login - Linux Command - Unix Command
It can also be used to switch from one user to another at any time (most .... This lets the user zacho login only on tty1 and from hosts with IP addreses in the range ...
ssh - Linux Command - Unix Command
First, if the machine the user logs in from is listed in /etc/hosts.equiv or /etc/ssh/ shosts.equiv on the remote machine, and the user names are the same on both ...
netstat - Linux Command - Unix Command
Tell the user what is going on by being verbose. Especially print some useful ... shows numerical user IDs but does not affect the resolution of host or port names.
sftp - Linux Command - Unix Command
... and logs into the specified host then enters an interactive command mode. ... -F ssh_config: Specifies an alternative per-user configuration file for ssh This ...
A Guide to Creating, Hosting and Sharing User-Generated Content
A guide to user-generated content - what it is, and how it can work for you. Get tips for acquiring, hosting and sharing user-generated content (UGC).
rcp - Linux Command - Unix Command
A path on a remote host may be quoted (using \, ", or ) so that the ... To be able to use the rcp command, both computers need a ".rhosts" file in the user's home ...
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