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Business Holiday Cards - Why You Should Send Holiday Cards to ...
Sending business holiday cards to past clients and/or editors can result in additional assignments for freelance writers.
5 Really Good Reasons Why You Should Send Holiday Cards
Sending out a big batch of holiday cards may seem like a time-consuming chore, especially when your goal is to de-clutter your life and become more organized ...
The 8 Rules of Business Greeting Card Etiquette
When sending holiday cards use proper business greeting card etiquette. What is a well-meaning gesture can offend the people you want to impress when it is ...
Holiday Cards Shortcuts - Stress Management - About.com
Jun 1, 2014 ... Most of us look forward to receiving holiday cards, but many of us dread sending them, as they require a lot of work and create stress. Dread not ...
Holiday Thank You Cards - Job Searching - About.com
Don't send an email or a LinkedIn or Facebook message or a Tweet. Rather, take the time to send an old-fashioned holiday card to everyone who has assisted.
Holiday Cards for Couples - Newlyweds - About.com
Get ideas through tips and pictures from top photo sites for creating beautiful and memorable holiday cards to send to friends and family.
Business Christmas Card Dos and Don'ts - Small Business Canada
Not everyone celebrates Christmas. If you know that a client or customer has different religious beliefs, choose and send a holiday card appropriate to the client's ...
How to Organize Your Holiday Cards in 5 Simple Steps
Five easy steps to organizing, creating and sending your holiday cards.
The Holiday Card Assignment – What Did You Do? - Advertising
It's no secret that creatives in advertising and design agencies have a very peculiar love/hate relationship with the holiday (or Christmas) card assignment.
Create Your Own Custom Holiday Cards - Graphic Design - About.com
Sending a holiday or New Year's card is a great way to keep in touch with clients. Custom holiday cards can show off your design skills while reminding people ...
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